Acta Scientific Neurology (ASNE) (ISSN: 2582-1121)

Review Article Volume 3 Issue 9

Estrogen Detoxification and Neuroendocrinological Activation and Balancing Via Hormonal Yoga

Vidhu Gill1, Kritanjali Singh1* and Ashok Kumar2

1Central Research Station, Subharti Medical College. Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut, U.P., India
2Department of Medical Genetics, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Lucknow, U.P., India

*Corresponding Author: Kritanjali Singh, Central Research Station, Subharti Medical College. Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut, U.P., India.

Received: August 08, 2020; Published: August 31, 2020



  Estrogen is the major sex hormone formed in both males and females and is responsible for development of reproductive organs as well as secondary sexual characters. In females, its major function is to maturation and regulation of ovaries and uterus. Its major forms are Estrone (E1), Estradiol (E2), and Estriol (E3), but E2 is the most effective form of estrogen and is formed from cholesterol (steroid) ring. Most of the estrogen formed along with other hormones like progesterone is utilized in maintenance of menstrual cycle, uterine health and pregnancy by number of feedback mechanisms. Major detoxification of this chemical messenger occurs in liver by two phase mechanism: hydroxylation and methylation and usually take 2-OH pathway of detoxification which is the safest and the most efficient at molecular levels. This pathway also reduces the chances of formation of estrogen adducts which leads to abrupt DNA processing, mutation, and base exclusion. 4-OH and 16-OH pathways of detoxification is usually neglected but if there is disturbances in feedback mechanisms and estrogen load increases it might leads to blockage of energy channels by overlapping them with steroid hormone. These blocked energy channels can be healed and reopened by yoga and naturopathic interventions along with dietary and lifestyle modifications. Yoga kriyas, asanas, bandhas, mudras and relaxation reactivates and balances hormones by suppressing over-processing or rejuvenating endocrine glands to form more of these chemical messengers, without any synthetic chemicals or invasive interventions.

Keywords: Yoga; Estrogen; HPA Axis; Cytochrome-P450 Enzyme Superfamily; Detoxification





Citation: Kritanjali Singh., et al. “Estrogen Detoxification and Neuroendocrinological Activation and Balancing Via Hormonal Yoga". Acta Scientific Neurology 3.9 (2020): 106-111.


Acceptance rate32%
Acceptance to publication20-30 days

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