Editor In Chief Guidelines

An Editor-In-Chief plays a major role, holding the responsibility of all the Journal operations and policies. The editor in chief is held accountable for efficient management of the Journal.

Roles and Responsibilities

With a great faith and trust in the professionalism of the elected person, we expect that our Editor-In-Chief will raise the reputation and profile of the Journal with respect to its competitors in the international marketplace by fulfilling the following responsibilities.

Content Accuracy

Ensures accuracy, fairness and completeness of all the content.
Ensures that all the corrections and clarification policies of Acta Scientific are carried out and are presented promptly.
Reviews feedback/evaluations of articles and other content and take steps to avoid future mistakes and hold the articles that are not ready for publication.
In collaboration with other Editors, decides the appropriate placement of content online.
Co-ordinates daily editing and online printing.
Works closely with other Editors in determining the Journal features.
Reads and edits all the content on the web pages of Acta Scientific.
Writes Articles and Editorials as assigned.
Works with Managing Editor and other Editors to develop web components.
Has final authority in the publication matters.

Planning and Association

Maintains a master calendar and day book file for planning of overage and follow-up of works on a timely basis.
Meets all deadlines and other requirements expected of all the Journal members.
Conducts weekly Editor meetings online.
Convenes Editors as needed for planning and problem solving.
Makes frequent evaluations to ensure the publication is meeting the needs and interests.
Provides leadership and supervision to other Editors.
Monitors day to day work activities.

Guidance for Maintaining Quality

Assist in the selection of Editors and Reviewers to join the Panel as required.
Implementations to grow the Journal.
Determine and implement strategies for increasing quality submissions to the Journal.
Promote the Journal and encourage high quality submissions.
Encourage appropriate revision of manuscripts and accept only high-quality papers that are high impact and contribute new and important information to the field.

Criteria for Editor-In-Chief

An experience with broad knowledge in the relevant field.
Extensive networks and high standing in the research community.
Strong publication record.
Deep understanding of peer review.
Decisive and fair.
Excellent organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.
Demonstrated vision for Acta Scientific and the ability to think and act strategically towards the vision.
Highly motivated and committed to Acta Scientific.
Time to undertake the role effectively.

Pausing your Editorship

We understand that other commitments may impact on your ability to perform your duties. It is therefore possible to pause your participation as an Editor-In-Chief. If you would like us to temporarily refrain from contacting you with Journal-related requests, just let us know beforehand, so that we can work and arrange for an alternative to avoid disturbance in smooth functioning of the Journal.

As this role is very crucial for effective running of the Journal, the Editor-In-Chief is expected to be available as needed.

The contributions of editors will be a valuable fruit to the journal.

Editor-in-Chief's List

Manas Mohan Adhikary
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 Manjubala Dash
  • Editor Profile
  • Feed Back
Dibyajyoti Banerjee
  • Editor Profile
  • Feed Back
Spiros Paramithiotis
  • Editor Profile
  • Feed Back
  • Editor Profile
  • Feed Back
Tammi McGill-Carter
  • Editor Profile
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News and Events

  • Special Issue on Reviews
    Acta Scientific Journals has been started Special Issue on Reviews, researchers from world wide welcoming for submission of their reviews on any topic by on/ before September 30, 2019. Special Issue is going to be released on October 01, 2019
  • Submission Timeline for Regular Issue
    Last date for submission of articles for regular Issues is September 30, 2019.
  • Publication Certificate
    Authors will be issued a "Publication Certificate" as a mark of appreciation for publishing their work.
  • Best Article of the Issue
    The Editors will elect one Best Article after each issue release. The authors of this article will be provided with a certificate of “Best Article of the Issue”.
  • Welcoming Article Submission
    Acta Scientific delightfully welcomes active researchers for submission of articles towards the upcoming issue of respective journals.

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