Acta Scientific Biotechnology

Short Communication Volume 1 Issue 11

Impact on One Element of the Water Hydrological Cycle Changes the Climate

Oleg Khalidullin*

Academician of the Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan

*Corresponding Author: Oleg Khalidullin, Academician of the Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan.

Received: October 16, 2020; Published: October 21, 2020


Keywords: Quality of Evaporation; Water Cycle; Biota; Links of the Cycle; Water Transformations; Artificial Evaporation; Aqueous Solution; Transpiration; Respiration; Sedimentation; New Substance; Climate Change

  An important link in transformations in a single process of water circulation is the dissolution of minerals and fertilizers from the bottom and banks of rivers and underground canals and their delivery to plants and animals. Water, as a vehicle - delivers solutes to living cells and leaves with waste. The quality of exhaled moisture and waste is highly individual, both within species and between species of biota. Water, its properties and purpose appeared and developed along with biota (a community of plants and living organisms). Water is one of the main driving forces of biota, as well as the environment itself. Among components such as oxygen, carbon, solar radiation. Just like the circulatory system in the body, water brings microelements to cells and carries away processed substances the most important components of the atmosphere.





Citation: Oleg Khalidullin. “Impact on One Element of the Water Hydrological Cycle Changes the Climate". Acta Scientific Biotechnology 1.11 (2020): 22-24.


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