Acta Scientific Agriculture (ASAG)(ISSN: 2581-365X)

Research Article Volume 4 Issue 6

Hydrologic Analysis of the Outflow Channels on the Martian Surface

Anar Mugarab-Samedi*

University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada

*Corresponding Author: Anar Mugarab-Samedi, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada.

Received: April 16, 2020; Published: MaY 29, 2020



The main objective of this report is to explore and apply GIS in a radically new way that studies extraterrestrial features.

Traditionally, geography with the GIS tools was bound to modeling the surface of Earth. However, exploration of the extraterrestrial planets by various missions have led to creation of databases storing the models of extraterrestrial relief, images, and thematic maps. This data can be used for conducting GIS analysis using variety of tools provided by ArcGIS software package. This case study is focused on creating the thematic map of the surface of the Mars, which outlines the hydrological features such as ancient river channels.

Keywords: Hydrologic Analysis; Outflow Channels; Martian Surface



Citation: Anar Mugarab-Samedi. “Hydrologic Analysis of the Outflow Channels on the Martian Surface". Acta Scientific Agriculture 4.6 (2020): 31-35.


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