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Research Article Volume 4 Issue 4

Influence of Preharvest Application of Salicylic Acid and Potassium Silicate on Postharvest Quality of Mango Fruits (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Alphonso

Gonchikari Lokesh*, C Madhumathi, M Rama Krishna, B Tanuja Priya and Lalitha Kadiri

College of Horticulture, Anantharajupeta, Dr. Y.S.R. Horticultural University, Andhra Pradesh, India

*Corresponding Author: Gonchikari Lokesh, College of Horticulture, Anantharajupeta, Dr. Y.S.R. Horticultural University, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Received: February 14, 2020; Published: March 03, 2020



  An field experiment was carried out to assess the effect of salicylic acid and potassium silicate on fruit quality and shelf life in mango (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Alphonso. The experiment consisted of nine treatments viz. T(control), T2 (potassium nitrate @ 1%), T3 (salicylic acid @ 100 ppm), T4 (salicylic acid @ 200 ppm), T5 (potassium silicate @ 0.1%), T6 (potassium silicate @ 0.2%), T7 (salicylic acid @ 100 ppm + potassium silicate @ 0.1%), T8 (salicylic acid @ 0.2% + potassium silicate @ 200 ppm), T9 (paclobutrazol @ 3 ml m-1).Seven years old mango orchard was selected for experiment and planted with spacing 7.5 m in square system. Results revealed that foliar application of salicylic acid @ 200 ppm + potassium silicate @ 0.2% (T8) found to improve fruit quality attributes like TSS (19.70oBrix), Ascorbic acid content (57.35 mg/100 g), reducing sugars (4.20%). This treatment also enhance shelf life of fruits (15.10 days), marketable fruits percentage (88.94%), firmness (4.97 kg/cm2) and reduce physiological loss in weight during storage period.

Keywords: Salicylic Acid; Physiological Loss in Weight; Shelf Life; Firmness; TSS



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Citation: Gonchikari Lokesh. “Influence of Preharvest Application of Salicylic Acid and Potassium Silicate on Postharvest Quality of Mango Fruits (Mangifera indica L.) cv. Alphonso". Acta Scientific Agriculture 4.4 (2020): 11-15.


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